Training Resources

Here we have gathered training resources from our own training days as well as some online training courses from other organisation.

Hub Training Courses

The Hub's training courses support the learning journey of both volunteers and the international projects they support.


  • Preparing for international volunteering provides a host of practical advice, from the basics of packing lists, health and travel safety tips, to a potted Development History, an example partnership agreement, the ideal qualities for a volunteer and guidance for working with a translator. It also introduces a framework for organisational development and provides a sample duty of care contact sheet.
  • Participatory approaches to development introduces a series of facilitation techniques which can be used for community engagement in assessing needs, generating ideas, and working collaboratively both in the North and South. A series of visual tools such as the cultural iceberg and the power game will provide new ways to think about your experiences. 
preparing to bol at valleys kids 06-06-2013_small.jpg
  • Community fundraising highlights different strands of fundraising which can complement your project, each with their own benefits and pitfalls. These resources illustrate how small organisations can rely on multiple sources of funding in their work. 
  • Communicating with purpose highlights the importance of having a coordinated and considered approach to communications to challenge the status quo of communications overload. The resource book goes through the key communications skills; identifies and discusses different communication methods and introduces strategy. 

Page last updated: December 22, 2014