Representing Wales International Development Sector

The Hub wants individuals and organisations within the Welsh sector to engage in dialogue with other key players, whether they are funders, policy makers or peers.

The Hub sits alongside other national level bodies (such as NIDOS in Scotland, CADA in Northern Ireland) at a UK and national level and represents the interests of Welsh organisations. Such opportunities include dialogue with DFID, Welsh Government, Bond, Stakeholder Forum, and key funders for International Development such as the Big Lottery Fund and Comic Relief.

This page will enable you to find out more about those specific conversations and how you can get involved.

Welsh Government's Wales for Africa team 

Organisations in Wales can make contact directly with the Wales for Africa team via

The Hub also has monthly meetings with the team and is happy to take any queries, concerns or recommendations to them as part of the standing agenda.

Email the Hub with your queries and questions >>>

Funders such as BIG, Comic Relief and DFID

The Hub organises funding seminars to provide opportunities for those contributing to global goals to talk to key players and learn about their priorities and processes.

Notes from the recent Comic Relief are available here >>>

Notes from the recent BIG funding seminar are available here >>>

Notes from our DFID funding seminar are available here >>>

UK and regional level International Development networks - BOND, NIDOS, CADA NI

Scotland, Northern Ireland and the UK International Development sector each has an organisation to support its development and represent its interests. Although each organisation is different, there are commonalities across our agendas. Bond for the UK and NIDOS in Scotland are both membership-based organisations, providing services and filling gaps in the sector. CADA is currently a voluntary body working with civil society and the government to develop opportunities for collaboration within their devolved context. We meet annually, to share resources, pool knowledge and develop collaborative opportunities for joint working.

Outcomes of these meetings include:

  • FREE access to Impact and Outcomes toolkit for independent Welsh organisations
  • Access and development support resources for organisational MOT
  • Access to AID modules for individuals' personal development

Department for International Development 

The Hub has a relationship with the Civil Society Department within DfID - just as NIDOS, Bond and CADA do. This provides an entry point and a guide to find out more about opportunities within DfID relevant to Welsh organisations.

This relationship has resulted in:

  • networking opportunities between DfID and the Welsh sector. Representatives from DfID have previously attended the Summit and run workshops on their work with civil society globally.
  • meetings between civil servants within DfID and the Wales for Africa team
  • DfID responding to Hub enquiries as a means to share information with the sector. 

Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future

The Stakeholder Forum is a body for engaging civil society globally with UN inter-governmental deliberations on Sustainable Development. Historically, the Stakeholder Forum was established by the UN and has been the main mechanism used by UK government to gauge UK stakeholder views for intergovernmental meetings, and has been the force behind facilitating stakeholder input into many high-profile deliberations on Sustainable Development. 

As Wales develops its own legislation around Sustainable Development through the Future Generations Bill, the Hub has been working with the Stakeholder Forum to find out more about post-2015 processes as well as opportunities for synergy with our own Welsh legislation. 

Read Stakeholder Forum and CAFOD's paper on the Sustainable Development Goal process here >>> 

Third Sector Partnership Council

The Third Sector Partnership Council (TSPC) enables the third sector to talk to, and hear from, Welsh Government. It is chaired by the Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty and is made up of representatives of third sector networks working across 25 areas of activity. The Hub’s Coordinator, Hannah, represents the international development network.

The Third Sector Partnership Council provides an opportunity for the sector to raise issues of interest or concern with Welsh Government, and ensure that the principles set out in the Third Sector Scheme are put into practice. The TSPC is a national body and is concerned with issues affecting all of Wales.

Charter for International Health Partnerships in Wales 

The Charter For International Health Partnerships in Wales was launched on 26th November at the Haydn Ellis Building, Cardiff.

There were approximately 60 delegates representing the Welsh NHS, but also covering Universities, third sector organisation and representatives from English organisations such as the Department of Health.

The day consisted of various elements, including:

  1. Background information on the IHCC and the Charter for International Health Partnerships in Wales.
  2. Launch of the Charter for International Health Partnerships by the Health Minister, Professor Mark Drakeford AM.
  3. Presentations from each health Board and Trust in the international work and commitment to the Charter for International Health Partnerships.

Click to download the Charter

Page last updated: September 2013