Shaping Future Wales (SD Alliance)

The Sustainable Development Alliance is an gathering of organisations that first worked together to propose a sustainable development law for Wales.

"We think a strong law will help to make Wales a better place for us all. Now and for the future. Thinking long term can help to strengthen our society and economy in an uncertain world."

To achieves this, the Alliance focuses on four main areas: economic, cultural, social justice and environmental sustainability. Through these they aim to bring about robust and resilient legislation to forge a sustainable Wales.

This has led to the formation of the Future Generations Bill by the Welsh Government which aims to,

"improve well-being in accordance with the sustainable development principle, which means seeking to ensure that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

With the Alliance, the Hub has pressed for a stronger Bill that will go further in ensuring the future of Wales as a sustainable nation.

The Hub is also a member of the Welsh Government's External Reference Group which is administered by Cynnal Cymru. The role of the reference group is to provide perspectives and advice on the ongoing development of the Bill.

For a list of persons and organisations involved, go to the Shaping Our Future website.


Last updated: August 22, 2014