Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the contact book?

You can use the contact book to search for organisations involved in development work.

The ‘Keyword search’ option allows you to search the database for any term that indicates your interest: this can be a particular theme of development action, such as gender; a particular location in Africa, such as Zimbabwe; or a particular location in Wales, such as Swansea. Enter the term, and click search to find organisations that match your interest. The keyword search is less reliable than the advanced search, so if you are looking for organisations focussed on a specific theme or location in Wales or Africa, we recommend the advanced search. 

The ‘advanced search’ option allows you to search the database more effectively. Tick a selection of boxes within the options and then click search. In this option, it is recommended to search for a county rather than a postcode as this is more effective. 

For more information on what the different search terms mean, see the next question.

What do the different search terms mean?

To find an organisation based on where it is located in Wales, you can specify the region you are interested in (Mid; South East; South West; North), or the county you are interested in. To narrow your search even further, search by postcode.

To find an organisation based on where it works, you can specify the location in the world that you are interested in. You can specify your search either by continent or by country.

To find an organisation based on the type of activity it engages in, specify your search using the tick boxes, either by the type of activity (which relate to the methodology the organisations uses to achieve their goals, for example, volunteer exchange, development projects or campaigning); or the focus of activity (which broadly relate to the thematic areas of the Millennium Development Goals). This will show you all the organisations that are involved in development work with this particular focus. If your search shows no results, try running it again with only a few boxes ticked. 

You can also search for different types of organisation.

      • Focussed on a single intervention includes organisations which deliver the same project in multiple locations (e.g providing vaccinations, medicines or malaria nets) such as Bees for Development or Fair Trade campaigners.
      • National Organisaitons with Minor International Programming include organisations such as the Welsh Centre for International Affairs and the Waterloo Foundation.
      • International Organisations includes organisations such as Christian Aid, Oxfam and Islamic Relief.
      • Education and Research organisations includes both Development Education organisations such as Fair Trade groups across Wales as well as Research bodies such as CARIAD at Bangor University.
      • Linking organisations returns the third most results for Wales and includes the organisations and communities which have linking relationships between communities or health institutions in Wales and Africa.
      • Diasporas shows indivdiual diasporas who have expertise on International Development as well as organisations which have been founded by diasporas such as the African Community Centres, the Arab Society, Horn Helath Concern or Mothers for Africa. 
      • Local Movements returns the most results for Wales as it captures all local campaign groups across Wales, including Christian Aid, Fair Trade, Amnesty as well as Peace and Justice movements.
      • Faith Based Organisations returns the second most results for Wales, featuring predominantly Christian Aid groups around Wales, plus YMCA, and branches of Fellowship of Reconciliation.

How can I get listed or unlisted, or change my listing?

If you are not listed or unhappy with your listing, please email us. We are happy to enter new listings, update your listing or delete it.

The information we use in the Contact Book has already been published elsewhere online, unless groups have contacted us directly to provide information to be listed. We therefore rely on other sources for accuracy. If you find the information on your organisation is incorrect, or you are not yet listed and would like to be, please fill out this application form and return it to

The form asks you to provide your contact details as well as assign yourself against each of the fields explained above.

Do you have permission to use this information?

The Hub's Contact Book uses information already found online or that has been provided to us with the intention of publication within the Contact Book. It thus largely relies on other sources for the accuracy of this information.

If you are not happy with the information provided about your organisation, please contact us.

I have another question.

If you have any other questions, please do email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Page last updated: 6 August 2014