Advice and Support

A range of services and tools are available to support Welsh individuals and organisations working on global poverty. These range from tailored, problem-specific support from development professionals to distance learning modules to improve understanding of the issues and challenges of international development.

A number of toolkits are available to support organisational development, and ensure that projects achieve positive change in both their communities and their partner communities. These toolkits have been developed by NGOs for NGOs. Some are more suitable for small organisations and others are more applicable to larger organisations. We have marked these appropriately where possible. 

Below you will find more information on the services and tools currently available to the sector in Wales. If you have a specific need that these do not address, please contact and we will help you find a solution!

Online training - Last Mile Learning

An online learning module on financial management for NGOs, this five-course series, provided by Last Mile Learning, is intended to provide learners with a high level overview of the fundamental components of financial management in the development sector.

The contents of the courses are based on Mango’s Management Accounting for NGOs publication, Financial Management Essentials – Handbook for NGOs. Mango also has many more free resources which can assist you and your organisation financially.

One to One

Support is available from several individuals working within the Welsh sector, who can provide tailored, expert advice to groups and organisations on a range of issues, including;

  • Strategic planning
  • Communications
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
  • Grant funding

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Resources for Organisational Development

There are a range of resources available to groups and organisations wishing to grow and improve their effectiveness and efficiency. These models and toolkits have been developed by NGOs for NGOs, and utilise best practice within the sector. 

There are tools tailored toward volunteer, community-led groups, as well as small, medium and larger international development organisations

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Personal Development 

There are a range of resources and courses available to individuals who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of development issues. These range from stand-alone modules to distance-learning and academic courses.

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