Current UK Funding Opportunities


Recovery of species on the brink of extinction
Type of project: The goal of this request for funding is to halt further biodiversity decline by implementing conservation plans for species and groups of species. Proposals that focus on the following themes are encouraged: specific and defensible priority actions to avert decline of a species or group of species; the active involvement of early career conservationists; support for conservation leaders from the countries where the species or group of species occur. Research is not the focus of this call.
Location: There is no geographical priority for this call
Eligibility: All applications require a letter of endorsement signed by Chair, Regional or
Thematic Leader of the relevant IUCN SSC Species Specialist Group. You can find the endorsement letter template here. You can find the SSC Groups directory here. National Geographic requires an applicant or principal investigator (PI) to be listed. The PI is the person with whom the fund corresponds and develops the relationship. The PI should list team members on the application. If successful, the PI may choose to accept funds either through their organization (e.g. NGO, university) or individually.
Grant size: Typical proposal requests should be less than $30,000; however, applicants may request up to $50,000.
Closing date: 10 April

Lord and Lady Lurgan Trust
Type of project: Grants are focused on music and arts education and participation;
deafness and other disabilities; the elderly; medical relief including hospice support;
medical research.
Location: The UK, Northern Ireland and South Africa
Eligibility: Only registered charities may apply
Grant size: £1,000 - £5,000
Closing date: 5 May

The Scurrah Wainwright Trust
Type of project: The Charity supports a wide range of charitable projects with an emphasis on innovative, hard-to-fund work in the field of social reform.
Location: UK and Southern Africa, particularly Zimbabwe.
Eligibility: Your organisation does not have to be a charity to apply, but its work must satisfy the Charity Commission's definition of charitable purposes and public benefit. You must have an annual income/expenditure under £250,000. The Trust will contribute to core costs.
Grant size: £1,000 and £5,000.
Closing date: 14 May  

The Andrew Wainwright Trust
Type of project: Projects which seek to redress political and social injustices. The Trust prioritises organisations that are ineligible for charitable funding because they are considered too political or radical to come within the Charity Commission’s guidelines. The Trust's approach is similar to that of the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust with which it maintains informal links.
Location: UK and occasionally overseas
Eligibility: Only unregistered charities may apply which with an annual income of less than £250,000.
Grant size: £1,500 and £10,000
Closing date: 14 May

Chrysalis Trust
Type of project: Current focus: relief of poverty and disability; provision of access to shelter, education, healthcare and water.
Location: UK & overseas
Eligibility: The Trust supports local projects in the North East of England, national organisations providing benefit across the UK, as well as, international charities registered with the UK Charities Commission.
Grant size: £1,000 - £10,000
Closing date: 15 May

BBC Radio 4 Appeal
Type of project: The Radio 4 Appeal is a weekly 3 minute programme highlighting the work of a charity and appealing for donations to support its activities. Activities that fall within the following categories will be considered eligible for an appeal: Medical research; Hospitals/hospices; Other medical/health/sickness; Disability; Housing/homelessness; Social welfare and services; Humanitarian aid/famine, disaster relief; Human rights; Education/training; Arts/culture; Amateur sports/recreation; Environment/wildlife conservation/ heritage.
Location: UK and Worldwide
Eligibility: A charity registered with the charity commission whose work an impact at UK or international level may apply. Applicants can only have an appeal broadcast on the BBC once every three years. Applicants must provide two sets of audited or independently examined accounts and have waited 2 years since your last unsuccessful application
Donation size: On average charities raise between £5,000 and £20,000
Closing date: 18 May

The Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust
Type of project: Categories for grant giving include: Quaker work and witness; Peace-building and conflict resolution; Interfaith and ecumenical understanding; Community development work in the UK and overseas; Work with forced migrants, including internally displaced people; Sustainable development. Preference will be given to applications which fulfil more than one of our criteria.
Location: UK and overseas
Eligibility: UK registered charities, NGOs, public bodies and social enterprises with a turnover of less than £350,000 may apply.
Grant size: £1,000 - £5,000
Closing date: 31 May

The Michael Cornish Charitable Trust
Type of project: Focus areas include Children & Young People; People with disabilities; Economic & Community Development; Amateur Sport; Advancement of Health or Saving of Lives.
Location: Most grants are for UK-based projects; however, the Trust also funds UK registered charities that work overseas.
Grant size: £1,000
Closing date: 20 June

British & Foreign School Society (BFSS)
Type of project: Projects should be for the purposes of education or training for young people up to the age of 25 and should be in pilot phase. the Society currently has three priority areas for which it particularly welcomes applications: Conflict or natural disaster: Projects designed to address the need for re-establishing and renewing education where the provision of education has suffered from conflict or natural disaster; Girls education: Projects which focus on enhancing the opportunities and reducing barriers for girls to access education; Looked after children: Looked after children have significantly poorer educational outcomes than children not in care. BFSS welcomes projects which pilot approaches to improving the educational attainment of looked after children so that in time they are able to take advantage of opportunities afforded by tertiary education and employment.
Location: There is no geographical preference.
Eligibility: UK charitable organisations including Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO); UK schools, colleges or universities with charitable status or which is an "exempt charity". The Funder requires continuous UK accounts for at least three years and does not usually fund charities with an average annual income above £2.5 million or below £5,000, except in exceptional circumstances.
Grant size: £5,000 to £60,000 over 1 - 3 years, with a maximum of £20,000 per year.
Closing date: 14 July

Type of project: Projects which promote: Social inclusion; Education; The arts; Equality and diversity; Religious understanding.
Location: England, Wales, Africa, Central and South America
Eligibility: UK registered charities working in England, Wales, Africa, Central and South America may apply. The charity's annual income must be below £2m and charities with income under £1m are prioritised.
Grant size: up to £5,000
Closing date: 31 August

Ongoing Opportunities

The Generations Trust
Type of project: Projects which aim to provide a better quality of life for children who need it the most; those who are disabled, disadvantaged, or struggle with ill health. The Trust also supports environmental protection and conservation projects.
Location: UK & developing countries
Eligibility: Before applying, applicants are advised to contact the Trust before applying.-

David & Elaine Potter Foundation
Type of project: Please note, the Foundation makes grants by strict invitation only. Potential grantees who believe their project fits their remit should email the Foundation to discuss potential eligibility. The Foundation makes grants in two focus areas: Education – including projects which improve policy, practices and techniques, sustainability and economic and social well-being; Civil Society – the focus is on projects working to improve human rights, transparency / accountability, anti-corruption and good governance. The Foundation is also interested in work that looks at the impact of drones on human rights work, investigative journalism, the rule of law, and democracy and inequality.
Location: UK and South Africa only
Eligibility: Registered charities and educational institutions may apply
Grant size: Not stated, however the Foundation recognises the benefits of unrestricted funding and will consider providing grants for general core costs.

Casey Trust
Type of project: Projects with tangible outputs which support the welfare of children up to age 18. This generally excludes more general projects such as core funding, parental or community support, publications, medical research, construction etc. The Trustees are looking for start-up projects or identifiable new initiatives within existing projects, rather than contributions to recurring events or continuing programmes
Location: The UK and overseas
Eligibility: Registered UK charities, or UK affiliates of foreign charities may apply.

Jean Sainsbury Trust
Type of project: General running costs associated with the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing or release of domestic, wild and exotic animals. Charities that bring animals from overseas to the UK will not receive support unless they are also supporting ongoing work in the country of origin.
Location: Applicants can be working in the UK or overseas.
Eligibility: The Trust favours applications from smaller charities registered in the UK.
Grant size: £1,000 - £10,000

The Oakdale Trust
Type of project: The Trust’s focus areas include: Welsh based social, community and medical projects; medical research projects (UK); Environment conservation projects (Wales); the Arts (Wales) Welsh connection; UK based and registered charities working in the developing world; Penal Reform.
Location: UK & Overseas
Eligibility: UK registered charities may apply
Grant size: average grants are £1,000

Hilden Charitable Trust
Type of project: Overseas grant making priorities are for projects working on community development, education, and health. Trustees will particularly welcome projects that address the needs and potential of girls and women.
Location: UK and developing countries
Eligibility: UK registered NGOs and local NGOs may apply. Hilden hope that UK NGOs will encourage their local partners to apply directly. Local NGOs based overseas must have a been working for at least 5 years and have an income of over £25,000 in their last 2 financial years, but no more than £100,000. UK charities must have a history of working overseas for at least 5 years and have an income of over £100,000 in their last two financial years, but not more than £500,000.
Grant size: Average grants are £5,000. This donor is open to funding general running or core costs.

Chrysalis Trust
Type of project: Relief of poverty and disability; Provision of access to shelter, education, healthcare and water
Location: UK & International
Eligibility: The Trust supports local projects in the North East of England, national organisations providing benefit across the UK, as well as, international charities registered in the UK.
Grant size: £1,000 - £10,000

Rhododendron Trust
Type of project: Social welfare and humanitarian aid projects both in the developing world
and the UK. The Trust prefers to support charities which benefit people affected by multiple factors of inequality including poverty, disability, age, gender, ethnic status, or the poor medical, welfare or educational infrastructure in their country.
Eligibility: Charities registered in the UK may apply
Grant size: £500 - £1,500. In 2017-18, grants totalled £58,000. £27,000 went to charities which work in the developing world.

Rivers Foundation
Type of project: The Foundation generally assists smaller charities with specific projects involving the education, social development and medical well-being of young people.
Location: UK & Overseas
Grant size: Grants totalled £123,000 in 2018. Past grantees can be seen here.

The Toy Trust
Type of project: Project supporting disadvantaged and disabled children aged under 13
Location: UK & Overseas
Grant size: Up to £5,000

The National Lottery Community Fund’s Digital Fund
Type of project: Would you like to know how digital tools like apps, websites, and social media could make your work more effective? The Fund is looking at how it can enable digital specialists to offer free assistance to small organisations.
Location: The UK
Eligibility: Small voluntary sector organisations can get in touch to find out more about this initiative.

Lennox and Wyfold Foundation
Type of project: Focus areas include health or the saving of lives; arts, culture or science; education; religion
Location: UK and overseas
Eligibility: Only UK registered charities may apply
Grant size: Most grants do not exceed £20,000

Scott Bader
Type of project: Past projects have focused on improving education, health, food security and vocational training of refugees in the UK
Location: UK and Africa
Eligibility: Only UK registered charities may apply
Grant size: £500-£2,000

Britford Bridge Trust
Type of project: Poverty relief; education; health and; the arts, culture, heritage or science.
Location: UK & Overseas
Eligibility: registered charities may apply
Grant size: £4,000 - £170,000. Most grants are for c. £10,000.

The De Brye Charitable Trust
Type of project: Projects that provide care and housing of older people, orphans and neglected children and for aid to physically disabled children and to the blind.
Location: UK & Overseas
Eligibility: UK registered charities may apply
Grant size: £1,000 - £10,000

The Miss K M Harbinson Trust
Type of project: Animal welfare, arts and cultural activities, education and training, environmental projects, health and social care, religious activities
Location: UK & Overseas
Grant size: Average grants c. £3,500


Open Gate Trust
Type of project: Grassroots environmental, land-based and sustainable projects which benefit local communities. Applications are particularly welcome from charities that focus on ecological sustainability, schemes advancing social diversity and inclusion.
Location: UK & Overseas
Eligibility: Applications for overseas work must come from UK charities.
Grant size: £500- £2,500

Percy Lea Charitable Trust
Type of project: Nature & wildlife conservation, environmental protection, cancer & medical research, education and disadvantaged children
Grant size: Total grant making totalled £14,400 in 2018

The Alchemy Foundation
Type of project: WASH, disability, social welfare, personal reform, medical research and aid especially in areas of blindness and disfigurement, individual enterprise and respite for carers. The Foundation can also fund the cost of fundraisers.
Location: UK & Overseas
Grant size: Total granting for 2018 totalled £448,925

The Hemraj Goyal Foundation
Type of project: HGF supports charitable organisations which make an honest and powerful difference to individuals’ lives by providing financial and human resources to those who need our support. HGF distribute funds to organisations who promote education, women and children’s rights and put an end to human trafficking.
Location: UK & Overseas with a focus on Asia

The Carmela and Ronnie Pignatelli Foundation
Type of project: Projects supporting the young and the disadvantaged through education, reducing poverty and discrimination. The Foundation also supports environmental and animal welfare charities.
Location: The U.K., Africa, Asia and Latin America
Eligibility: UK registered charities may apply
Grant size: Average grants are £2,500

The American Express Foundation
Type of project: Unsolicited applications can be made under the areas: Developing Leaders within non-profit and social purpose organizations working to solve the world's biggest challenges and Serving Communities by building the capacity of non-profits to develop, engage and retain community members as volunteers.
Location: The USA, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Greater China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, the UK.
Eligibility: To be eligible for funding, your organization must certify US tax-exempt status. Organizations outside the U.S. must be able to document non-profit status.

The Cumber Family Charitable Trust
Type of project: Agricultural, conservation and rural development work both locally and in developing countries. The Trust also has a preference for projects focusing on welfare, education, medical or disadvantaged children's needs, or those that are agriculturally, or conservation focussed. Preference also goes to longer term projects that do not necessarily appeal to the general public.
Location: UK and overseas
Eligibility: To qualify for our support, your project must be either: working outside the UK; a UK national charity or a charity active in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.
Grant size: Up to £2,000

The Edward Smart Charitable Trust
Type of project: Those which support the education of disadvantaged young women.
Location: UK and India
Eligibility: Funding applications cannot be for individuals; research or feasibility studies; general charitable appeals; core funding for national charities; UK based schools
Grant size: One-off grants for up to £5,000. No repeat funding can be requested within 3 years.

The Genesis Charitable Trust
Type of project: The Trust prioritises income-generating projects in developing countries. It actively seeks to support entrepreneurial initiatives; targeted improvement of economic opportunities; improvements to the efficiency of markets and the ease of doing business. Short pilots, one-off awards and projects lasting around three years are considered equally.
Location: Developing countries. See here for a list of the countries supported.
Eligibility: Non-profit organisations registered in their operating country may apply. Non-profit organisations associated with an organisation recorded on an official register of charities in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or Singapore may also apply.
Grant size: it is exceptional for grant payments to exceed £400,000 in any single year of a project.

Thackery Medical Research Trust
Type of project: Within the Trust’s overseas development focus areas, it will consider supporting international charitable medical supply organisations. This may include establishing sustainable supply chains for the production, distribution and use of medical equipment in areas of the world that are poorly supplied. It will also consider projects which relieve and prevent disease and sickness in under-developed countries by supporting appropriate research and manufacture of medical products.
Location: UK and developing countries.
Grant size: The Trust has an annual budget of £30,000 and aims to offer grants to more than one organisation.


Trusthouse Charitable Trust
Type of project: Trusthouse is an independent grant making foundation which makes approximately 150-200 grants totalling around £2.5 million a year to a variety of charitable organisations based in areas of extreme deprivation focusing on the following thematic areas: 1) Rural issues - for example, projects providing transport for the elderly, disabled or disadvantaged; contact networks for the young disabled; community centres and village halls; employment training schemes especially those promoting local, traditional crafts; projects addressing issues such as drug/alcohol misuse or homelessness. 2) Urban Deprivation - youth clubs; training schemes to help people out of unemployment; drop in centres for the homeless. National charities might be eligible if working in a specific area which is within the deprivation ranks described above.
Location: UK
Eligibility: General costs including core costs, salaries, projects costs; capital expenditure on buildings or essential equipment
Grant size: not stated


Denise Coates Foundation
Type of project: Charities are invited to present proposals to the Foundation's Trustees detailing how a grant would be used and the benefits that it would deliver. The Foundation’s focus areas include: Education and Training; Disaster Recovery/Emergency Relief
Community Development; Medical Research and Development. Charities are invited to present proposals to the Foundation's Trustees detailing how a grant would be used and the benefits that it would deliver
Location: UK and overseas
Eligibility: UK NGOs may apply
Grant size: In the 2016-17 financial year the Foundation committed to provide £5,964,536 of grants and donations to 21 charitable entities, 19 of which totalled more than £20,000

Woodward Charitable Trust
Type of projects: Areas of focus include: Children and young people who are isolated, at risk of exclusion or involved in anti-social behaviour; Prisoners and ex-offenders; Projects that help the rehabilitation and resettlement of prisoners and/or ex-offenders; Disadvantaged women, covering refuges, domestic violence and parenting; Disability projects, which can include rehabilitation and training for people who are either physically disabled or learning disabled; Arts outreach work by local groups involving disadvantaged people and; Projects that promote integration and community cohesion amongst minority groups, including refugees and travellers.
Location: UK
Eligibility: Trustees will not fund unsolicited applications from charities whose annual income exceeds £300,000.
Grant size: Most grants are for less than £5,000

Hebb Finn Charitable Trust  
Type of projects: The prevention or relief of poverty especially in Africa and Wales. In Africa the focus is on initiatives which have humanitarian and Christian aims, including: Projects to improve health or address health issues; Education of children and professional education and; Support for micro-businesses.
Location: Wales & Africa
Eligibility: Charities and individuals
Grant size: £1,000 - £5,000 past grantees can be seen here.

The John Lewis Foundation
Type of projects: The current focus of the Foundation is to invest in disadvantaged communities that support the John Lewis business throughout the world to acquire the relevant skills required for meaningful employment and improve social inclusion.
Location: The Foundation welcomes applications for projects with these objectives both in the UK and overseas. The project must benefit communities in which there is a John Lewis store, supplier, manufacturer, distribution hub, call centre etc.
Grant size: The Trustees will consider projects of varying amounts
Eligibility: groups and organisations that are registered with the appropriate Charity Commission or where the grant is for an exclusively charitable purpose. Funding cannot support building renovation or other capital expenditure or consumables.

The Ashworth Charitable Trust
Type of project: The Trust is a small grant-making charity created primarily to support humanitarian causes operating locally, nationally and internationally. Its underlying principals are: justice; education for all; the need to address the situation of the very poor and of those at the margins of society; that all people everywhere should be able to share the fruits of and be empowered to participate in the construction of a just, prosperous and sustainable society; and that to achieve these aims, it is necessary to build the capacity of individuals, communities and institutions.
Location: UK and overseas
Eligibility: UK registered charities whose turnover is under £1 million.
Grant size: Grant levels do not usually exceed £3,000

The Paul Hamlyn Shared Ground Fund
Type of project: The Shared Ground Fund will provide organisations with the financial support they need to test new approaches, explore ways of exploiting emerging opportunities and address new challenges on migration. Applicants must contribute to one of the following aims of the Shared Ground Fund:
• Staying safe – ensuring that young people who have migrated can address the significant barriers that affect their ability to thrive;
• Living well together – supporting work which helps communities experiencing high levels of migration become stronger and more connected.
Location: UK
Eligibility: We welcome applications from not-for-profit organisations of any size working anywhere in the UK. Partnership proposals and other forms of collaboration (particularly cross sector) where this is a route to greater and lasting change are welcomed. We are particularly interested in work which involves organisations whose primary focus is not migration, but where there is an opportunity to increase positive benefits for people who have migrate.
Grant size: There are two grant types:
• Shared Ground ‘explore and test’ grants – each year we expect to make around 10 grants to help explore and test new approaches awards will be for a maximum of £60,000, usually for up to two years.
• Shared Ground ‘more and better’ grants – each year we expect to make around 10 longer, larger grants to help develop and embed more established activities. Awards will be for between £100,000 and £400,000 for up to four years. We expect most grants to be in the range of £100,000 – £250,000. Larger grants will be considered on an exceptional basis and usually by invitation.


John M Archer Charitable Trust
Type of project: prevention and relief of human suffering; welfare of sick, distressed or afflicted people; alleviation of need; advancement of education; advancement of religious or missionary work; advancement of medical or scientific research and discovery; preservation of Scottish heritage and the advancement of associated cultural activities.
Location: UK and overseas
Eligibility: Not stated
Grant size: Maximum £5,000. Average £1,000

The C J W Trust
Type of project: The Trust focuses its grant making on: General charitable purposes; Disability; The prevention or relief of poverty; Other charitable purposes.
Location: UK and overseas
Eligibility: Not stated
Grant size: £14,500 worth of grants were made in 2017 between £1,000 - £5,000

The Weslyan Foundation
Type of project: The Wesleyan Foundation provides support in the following areas:
• Health - Projects working to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community
• Education - Projects that work to promote education and lifelong learning
• Social - Projects that create innovative solutions to social challenges, promoting community cohesion and developing resilience within communities.
Location: the City and County of CARDIFF
Eligibility Local constituted community groups and registered charities with an income below £250,000 can apply
Grant size £2,000

De la Rue Charitable Trust
Type of project: Educational projects at home and abroad which promote relevant skills, international understanding and bring relief from suffering.
Location: The UK and under-developed communities where De la Rue does business.
Eligibility: an official registered charity preferably in the UK with a charity registration number.
Grant size: Approximate annual fund value is £60,000 with 10-12 charities supported in 2016/7.

The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation
Type of project: A grant making body that supports a wide range of causes, the primary areas of interest being the built environment, responsible business and enterprise, young people and education, and global sustainability. n recent years, we have awarded major and small grants in the following funding areas: Arts and Culture; Education and Young People; Conservation and Heritage; Environmental Sustainability; Community Support; Health and Hospices; Religion; Emergency relief; and Welfare of service personnel.
Location: UK and overseas
Eligibility: UK registered non-for-profit organizations that support grassroots community-based projects. While you may apply anytime, applications submitted one month before the small grants committee meeting will be considered at the next meeting. Please note that the Small Grants Committee will consider applications in February, May, July and October 2018.
Grant size: a maximum of £5,000. The average award is £1,500.

The Queen Anne's Gate Foundation
Type of project: Projects which ‘make potentially unproductive lives productive’. This tends to mean a bias towards educational and rehabilitative charities and those that work with underprivileged areas of society. There is a focus on the UK and Asia. In principle, there is a willingness to commit funding for three years if it enables the chosen charity or project to plan more effectively. The Foundation also supports one-off appropriate causes, as they become available.
Location: Predominately supports projects in the UK and Asia.
Grant size: Total grant funding for 2017 was £204,049
More information: 

The Gibbs Trust
Type of project: These are innovative undertakings by Methodist churches and organisations, other Christian Causes, especially of an ecumenical nature, and a wider category in the fields of the creative arts, education, social and international concern
Location: Wales and overseas
Eligibility: The Trust only makes grants to UK registered charities. It encourages applicants to be brief and to look at the list of grants made before applying.
Grant size: Grants totalling £43,250 were made to international causes in 2016/7. This figure included one £9,000 donation. The remainder were between £1,000 - £3,000.
Deadline: The pattern is for the Trustees to meet three times during the financial year: around Easter, in late summer, and after Christmas.

The Noel Buxton Trust's Penal Grants
Type of project: projects that help maintain relationships between prisoners and their families or for work that supports the contributions that volunteers make within the prison community.
Location: England, Scotland and Wales. The emphasis of giving is on areas outside London and South-east England.
Eligibility: Registered Voluntary and Community Sector organisations. These include local campaigning organisations; self-help groups; and service providers.
Grant size: one off grants of up to £3,000

The True Colours Trust Small UK Grants Programme
Type of project: local organisations and projects that work with disabled children, their siblings and their families on a daily basis. Grants are usually one-off contributions for projects or core costs rather than multi-year grants for on-going revenue costs. Trustees prefer to fund: Hydrotherapy pools; Multi-sensory rooms; Mini buses; Sibling projects; Bereavement support; Specialised play equipment / access to play and leisure; Family support / parent-led peer support.
Location: UK
Eligibility: The Trustees are unlikely to fund the following: condition specific organisations; residential play schemes; residential special schools; and free schools. Also, organisations whose annual income exceeds £300,000 are unlikely to be considered.
Grant size: up to £10,000

Ernst Kleinwort Small Grants Programme
Type of project: The Trust has 3 focus areas: 1) Charitable work in the County of Sussex; 2) Wildlife & Environmental Conservation (UK and International) and 3) Reproductive Health and Family Planning (International). Grants will be considered for start-up costs, core costs or for a specific project for which applicants have requested support. This could include a contribution towards a building/refurbishment project, purchase of specialist equipment or other similar capital expenditure, or assistance with running costs.
Location: UK and overseas
Eligibility: UK registered charities
Grant size: Small Grants <£5,000